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Carioquez is a virtual jewellery store with a design inspired by the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.


Relaunch the brand Carioquez ensuring a consistente look across all their visual, branding and sales communications.

Criação da loja virtual da Carioquez


We rebuilt the layout of the store with lighter easier to load pages ensuring the products stood out. We also improved the user experience allowing for a more intuitive browsing experience.

Loja virtual da Carioquez

Communication Campaigns

We developed diverse communication campaigns for Carioquez, envolving strategic planning, management of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, hotsite creation, email marketing and social network content promoting the brand and it’s diverse product range.

Criação da campanha Rio 449 anos da Carioquez.
Criação da campanha Naturale para a Carioquez.
Criação da campanha do Dia da Mulher
Criação do hotsite da campanha Naturale da Carioquez


We produced a making of film showing the photography process during the creation of the LookBook.

Institutional Site

We created the corporate site focusing on communication the brand concept.

Criação do site com vídeo do making of da Carioquez


We created a blog to help develop an ongoing conversation between the brand and it’s consumers, focusing on related subjects such as beauty tips and trends in this area.

Campanha de promoção de produtos relacionados a Copa do Mundo 2014 - Carioquez


We applied the identity of Carioquez across the packaging improving this communication point with the consumer as previously they had received generically branded postage packaging.

Criação de caixa de envio pelo correio da Carioquez.

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