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LT\DA Design and Architecture is a young office based in Rio de Janeiro focused on delivering unique and creative solutions to clients.


Develop both a name and visual identity that would differentiate them in the market.

Brand Identity

The visual identity and concept came to life after a workshop involving both the agency and client. A combination of the founders names, Leticia and Thais, together with their sophisticated office design led us to our new brand identity.

Inspiração para a criação da marca LTDA Arquitetura. Logo LTDA.
Concepção para Criação do logo LTDA Arquitetura
Logo da LTDA Arquitetura aplicada


The colours of LT\DA Design and Architecture, dark grey and light green, represent a contrast of sophistication with design trends

Criação do logo da LTDA. Cores na horizontal.
Criação do logo da LTDA. Cores na vertical.
Criação de papelaria: Papel timbrado, cartão de visita
Criação de Identidade Visual
Criação de papelaria: Cartão de visita LTDA Arquitetura

Corporate Materials

The sophisticated personality of LT\DA Design and Architecture serves as a reference for the creation of corporate materials, clean layouts and subtle details.

Criação Site Desktop e Mobile - Site Responsivo
Apresentação da criação de material impresso e site responsivo, mobile, notebook e desktop, da LTDA Arquitetura


A site focused on the user experience allowing an intuitive navigation and easy access to the projects/content developed by LT\DA.

Telas responsivas da criação do site da LTDA Arquitetura
Criação do site responsivo da LTDA Arquitura. Versão mobile.

Responsive Site

Their website was developed with responsive coding techniques ensuring the site experience is seamless across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Criação do site responsivo da LTDA Arquitura. Versão tablet. Ipad.

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