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Penselar Fun is a physical and virtual store complementary to the mix of Penselar products, focusing on creative and fun gifts for home decoration and interior design.


Consolidate Penselar Fun in the creative niche of products with advertising materials and expand its sales across the country with the development of the e-commerce.

Logo da Penselar Fun. Loja virtual


Penselar Fun stands out by the creative products, and thinking about it the developed brochures stands out from competitors with a more fun and colorful language.

Criação do Cartão Fidelidade da Penselar Fun. Campanha de Promoção.
Criação do material impresso para a Penselar Fun. Folhetos

Premiere Campaign

We plan the campaign in two stages: the pre-release to inform the opening date of the online store, and then the release, disclosing the new sales channel Penselar Fun.

Criação da campanha de pré-lançamento da loja virtual da Penselar Fun. E-mail Marketing
Criação da campanha de lançamento da loja virtual da Penselar Fun. E-mail Marketing


The e-commerce has fun elements and bright colors that come with the amused spirit of the store.

Criação da Loja Virtual Penselar Fun.
Criação da Loja Virtual Penselar Fun. Desktop. E-commerce.
Criação da Loja Virtual Penselar Fun. Banner web.

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